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How our occupational therapists can help:
  • Functional capacity assessment

    Looking to secure NDIS funding? It all starts with a Functional capacity assessment.

    Our occupational therapists will  provide an in-depth report on your  abilities across personal, domestic, social, vocational, educational and recreational activities. We’ll also  recommend therapy and assistive  technology.

  • Daily living skills support

    From dressing to showering to cleaning and cooking, we’re here to help you build your skills – so that you can participate in the activities that are important to you.

    At KEO, our goal is to enhance your independence and ensure your safety – as you complete your everyday tasks. We can also recommend assistive aids and appliances.

  • Specialist housing options (SIL/SDA/ILO)

    If you’re exploring your housing options, our occupational therapists can help.

    We will work with you to assess your functional capacity and care needs – and outline your equipment and environmental needs to ensure you can live as safely and independently as possible.

    We will work with you to help you achieve your housing goals, whether it’s an SDA or ILO, we will support you in finding the right solution. We will also recommend the level of SIL supports you need to live in your new home.

  • Children’s therapy

    At KEO, we believe every child deserves to realise their potential and fulfil their dreams.

    We offer occupational therapy for children with a wide range of disabilities – including autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, social emotional difficulties, trauma and behavioural problems.

    Our expertise covers everything from fostering play and solving sleep difficulties to mastering daily tasks.

  • Mental health support

    Our experienced occupational therapists support your mental health goals.

    We offer a range of treatments for mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and stress management.

    We support people who have intellectual, cognitive and learning difficulties, as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Our occupational therapists will give you a safe place to explore and overcome your obstacles. We also support carers and family members to help balance their responsibilities while leading their own fulfilling lives.

  • Sensory assessment

    Our occupational therapy team can conduct a sensory assessment with children, young people and adults.

    We do this using a formal assessment such as a Sensory Processing Measure or a Sensory Profile to understand the individual’s sensory preferences and needs.

    We then use these results to explain the individual’s behaviour, learning style and participation. From there, we can provide recommendations and assist with planning.

  • Seating assessments & wheelchairs

    A wheelchair that appropriately supports and meets your needs is crucial for your comfort, safety and independence.

    Our occupational therapists will complete a comprehensive assessment of your environments and explore your mobility needs and goals. From there, we can advise on the right chair for you.

  • Assistive technology

    If you require assistive technology to help you reach your goals, our occupational therapists can prescribe the right solution for you.

    We’ll also source and adapt the solution for you – so that you can participate in activities that are important to you.

  • Home modifications

    Modifying your home can be an overwhelming task, but our experienced occupational therapists can help you every step of the way.

    Whether you require a simple grab rail or a complete bathroom modification, we have the expertise to prescribe the best solution for you. If needed, we can also liaise with any building professionals to assure you a stress-free, seamless experience.

  • Employment & education support

    Are you looking to develop skills to help you transition into work for the first time? Or perhaps you need support as you embark on a new role?

    Our occupational therapists can help in many ways. This might be designing a graduated return to work, organising workplace modifications – or helping your colleagues understand your abilities.

  • Social participation and inclusion

    Our occupational therapists can help you advocate for and communicate your needs and wants in our complex social world. We can also educate the people around you.

    It’s all about equipping your school, workplace or broader community to engage with you in a positive, meaningful way.

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